Sodastream Xtreme Energy 0 cal

August 31st, 2019

I’m a bit late to the whole Sodastream revelation having only just received one as a gift. I know they’ve been around for decades, but it’s just one of those things I kept putting off until another time. So, when I did eventually get one, I realised that most of the syrups are not available in the UK anymore. I imported a whole box of these Xtreme Energy 0 calorie syrup concentrates from a supplier in the US and fortunately it tastes pretty nice! I’ve guessed at the caffeine content for two reasons. Firstly, it doesn’t state on the bottle how much caffeine is in the syrup. Secondly, the amount of caffeine in your drink depends very much on how strong you make your drinks! This is a very strong tasting syrup and I’m still trying to figure out the best syrup/water ratio, but it’s sweet (you can’t tell it’s sugar free in my opinion) and refreshing. Now that I have a Sodastream, provided I can keep obtaining a supply of these syrups then this is likely to become my staple daily energy drink of choice. If only I could source it in the UK, that would save a whole load of transport costs (and carbon footprint!).

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Calories: 0kCal/100ml
Size: 440ml
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