Rockstar Twister Wacked Red Berry

May 11th, 2019

I’ll start with the name… I’m familiar with the word ‘whack’, but not ‘wack’, so I needed to look that up. Apparently it means “bad, stupid, or unusual”, and I’m guessing it’s that last definition that they intended to associate with this flavour! Just like the other blue raspberry flavour I tried last week, the red berry is also quite tasty but sickly. But mostly tasty! The flavour took a while to identify, but I’d say it tastes like raspberry donuts (yes, American spelling). Not just normal raspberry donuts, but the artificial flavouring you get when you try a raspberry donut flavoured product such as raspberry donut flavoured milkshake or sweets. It’s not a flavour I’ve ever come across in an energy drink before and is very different to the raspberry of the blue raspberry drink.

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Caffeine: 32mg/100ml Tags:
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Calories: 23kCal/100ml
Size: 500ml
Sold By: Lifestyle Express
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