Red Bull – The Red Edition

February 23rd, 2013

The Red Edition of Red Bull has been flavoured with Cranberry. Now, I don’t normally enjoy cranberry flavoured drinks, finding them bitter and leaving a bad aftertaste. Red Bull have managed to overcome that completely. What you experience is a flavour like no other energy drink. It has no typical energy drink background flavour, but instead has a very sweet and fruity cranberry taste with absolutely no bitterness at all. Of the three new editions, this was the first I tried thinking I’d be getting the worst one out of the way to start with. I was very surprised and really enjoyed it – one of my favourite energy drinks now.

Overall Rating: (3.8/5)

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Caffeine: 32mg/100ml Tags:
Calories: 45kCal/100ml
Size: 250ml
Sold By: Asda
Web Site: Click here