Red Bull Beach Breeze

November 2nd, 2019

This is branded as ‘Summer Edition’, but being in a blue can instead of the white summer edition can seen in the UK and US, I thought I’d better try it to make sure that it’s different. The white summer edition is coconut-lime, and I’m sure that this blue summer edition is also coconut-lime, but somehow tasting different. It’s less coconutty (???) and much fruitier, slightly berry-like too perhaps? Maybe it is exactly the same and I was just in a much better mood when I drank it, but as I have no side-by-side comparison to scientifically test that then my opinion will have to do – I like this blue can better than the white one!

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Caffeine: 32mg/100ml Tags:
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Calories: 45kCal/100ml
Size: 250ml
Sold By: Stockholm
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