Oshee Futuryx Lab Booster – Wild Strawberry-Apple

October 21st, 2023

The strawberry’s not only going to be wild, it’ll be livid 🙂 Not as bitter tasting as I thought it would be – usually shots are very sour and bitter. This one, whilst still on the sour side, mostly tasted of concentrated apple. There was a slight strawberry aftertaste but it’s pretty much apple all the way down. Not as highly caffeinated as many other shots, which is a good thing because a lot of them are trying to pack 200mg into a 60ml drink and that’s ridiculous. This is a more sensible 100mg dose, so only slightly more than a regular 250ml can of energy drink would contain.

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Caffeine: 100mg/100ml Tags:
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Calories: 17kCal/100ml
Size: 100ml
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