Mutant: Red Dawn

August 17th, 2019

I discovered this range of Mutant drinks in a confectionary import shop in Cardiff. I thought at first it was a Monster rip-off, but it turns out it is actually a genuine Monster brand. The drink has been imported from Vietnam, and there’s very little English on the label so it’s quite difficult to make out any information about it from there. However, remembering when I tried a bottle of Mutant a while back, this spin-off brand is Monster’s attempt to get in on the Mountain Dew market. Where the Gold Strike flavour of Mutant was attempting to copy the Mountain Dew White Out, I thought that obviously Red Dawn must be trying to copy Code Red. But, Code Red was a cherry drink, and I couldn’t detect any cherry flavouring in Red Dawn. I think it’s a lot more similar to Monster Assault – a harsh and slightly bitter-sweet flavour. It certainly wasn’t the smooth Mountain-Dew-like experience that I was expecting. Not as nice as Gold Strike, but drinkable never-the-less.

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Calories: 69kCal/100ml
Size: 330ml
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